Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Samsung Electronics joins AI-RAN Alliance for 6G technology development
  • Alliance aims to research 6G technology and create ecosystem through AI and wireless communication technology convergence

Samsung Electronics has announced its participation as a founding member of the AI-RAN Alliance, a global alliance focused on the development of sixth-generation (6G) network powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The AI-RAN Alliance, which includes 10 telecommunication and software companies and one university, aims to research 6G technology and create an ecosystem through the convergence of AI and wireless communication technology. The alliance plans to conduct research through three working groups: AI for RAN, AI and RAN, and AI on RAN, with a focus on optimization technology for wireless communication, efficient resource management, and developing innovative AI applications and services within wireless networks. Samsung has been actively involved in preparing for 6G, with the establishment of a next-generation communication research center, publishing white papers, and hosting forums to strengthen its competitiveness in the 6G network service market. The company aims to lead in service innovation and network efficiency through the application of AI in wireless communication technology within the alliance.