Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Chinese technology company Honor launched its new Magic 6 Pro smartphone globally.
  • The smartphone features an experimental eye-tracking AI function for remote operation.

Full Article Summary:

Chinese technology company Honor, previously sold by Huawei and now owned by Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co, launched its new Magic 6 Pro smartphone globally. The phone comes with an innovative eye-tracking AI function that allows users to remotely control their car by simply looking at the phone screen. This feature is currently available in China and will soon be integrated internationally. The launch of the Magic 6 Pro comes just before the Mobile World Congress, with tech companies aiming to capitalize on the excitement around generative AI to boost business.

Honor, a competitor in the Chinese smartphone market with companies like Apple and Oppo, plans to include the LlaMA 2 large language model in its phone, similar to ChatGPT. In 2023, Apple held a 17.3% market share in China, while Honor had 17.1%. Alongside the Magic 6 Pro smartphone, Honor also introduced the MagicBook Pro 16 laptop, featuring AI that facilitates cross-device app transfer. The company’s CEO, George Zhao, emphasized the importance of collaborative synergy in the age of AI.

As technology companies continue to innovate with AI-enhanced products, the role of generative AI in smartphones raises both legal and ethical concerns. Despite these considerations, Honor’s strategic focus on AI and innovative features sets it apart in the competitive smartphone market. The global launch of the Magic 6 Pro demonstrates Honor’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and enhancing user experiences.