Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Lylo Products has developed a portable washing machine that uses filtered shower water, reducing water consumption.
  • The machine holds 7 pounds of laundry, uses minimal energy, and is ideal for students, campers, and travelers.

In a breakthrough in water technology, Lylo Products has created a revolutionary washing machine that operates solely on filtered shower water. The startup, dedicated to conserving water and saving energy, designed the machine to help reduce personal water consumption in response to projections of water shortages in the UK within the next 25 years. By utilizing energy-efficient appliances like the Lylo portable washer, users can reduce water usage by at least 20%.

The Lylo portable washing machine is designed to hold a little over 7 pounds of laundry and uses only 0.48 kilowatt-hours of energy per load. Ideal for students, the compact machine fits in a dorm room and is easy to use. The innovative design features a removable tank that collects excess shower water, which is then filtered and reused for laundry. This not only makes the machine more environmentally friendly than traditional washers but also more time-efficient, with a cycle taking only 15 minutes—cleaning clothes in a fraction of the time it takes commercial machines.

With prototype development complete, Lylo has started production and manufacturing of the portable washing machine. The company’s mission is to provide a sustainable solution for laundry needs, especially for those living in water-scarce areas or seeking to reduce their personal water usage. The innovative technology behind the Lylo washer offers a practical and eco-friendly way to do laundry while conserving water and energy.