Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Television technology has advanced rapidly over the years.
  • Key advancements include the introduction of color TV and the evolution of display resolution.

The article discusses the evolution of television technology, highlighting key advancements such as the introduction of color TV and the transition from low-resolution displays to high-definition and 4K resolutions. The author reflects on personal experiences with television technology, from the simplicity of early TVs to the innovative solutions like the PAL 625 line standard. The article also touches on TV fads like 3D and HDR, noting the impact of these technologies on the viewing experience. Looking towards the future, the author speculates on the continued evolution of TVs, predicting a shift towards immersive experiences with devices like Apple’s Vision Pro and Augmented Reality technology. Overall, the article emphasizes the unstoppable progress and potential future advancements in television technology.