Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


  • Bend has rolled out new snow plow tracking technology to show plow and sanding efforts in real-time.
  • The map on the city’s website updates every half hour, showing darker colors for more recent plowing.

Thursday night’s snowstorm in Bend prompted the city to debut its new tracking technology that provides real-time updates on plow and sanding efforts across town. The map, available on the city’s website, shows the darkness of colors to indicate the recency of road plowing. The Director of Streets and Operations, David Abbas, mentioned that the data is typically updated every half hour. This technology not only aids plow drivers like Austin Olson in efficiently covering 100 to 130 miles during their shifts, but it also helps drivers plan their routes to work. However, Abbas emphasized the importance of remaining cautious on slick roads, despite the latest plowing information.

Moreover, the tracking technology gives the city insights into truck diagnostics, such as idle times, maintenance needs, and fuel consumption. By analyzing this data, Bend aims to operate more effectively and identify areas that may have been missed for plowing. Abbas highlighted how transparency in operations can help prevent mistakes in road maintenance. Additionally, the city plans to utilize this technology to enhance emergency response by locating crews quickly and providing instructions for immediate action.