Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


– Starship Technologies, an autonomous delivery service, has raised $90 million in funding to expand its global operations.
– The company’s robots have already been deployed in 80 locations in the U.S. and Europe and have reduced close to 1.8 million kg of carbon dioxide emissions.

Starship Technologies has announced a successful funding round, raising $90 million to further expand its autonomous delivery service. The company, known for its use of robots in last-mile deliveries, aims to provide a sustainable solution to the growing demands for home delivery. The company’s autonomous robots have been deployed across 80 locations in the U.S. and Europe, as well as in a few college campuses. Each robot can run for 18 hours when fully charged.

The recent funding round, co-led by Plural and Iconical, brings the total amount raised by Starship Technologies to $230 million since its establishment in 2014. The company’s robots have already reduced close to 1.8 million kg of carbon dioxide emissions since their launch.

The funds from this latest round of investments will be used to further develop the company’s AI technology and wireless charging infrastructure. Starship recently introduced wireless charging for its robots at George Mason University, with plans to implement wireless charging globally in the near future. The goal is to create a fully autonomous system, as the robots are already 99% autonomous and can navigate obstacles such as blockages, rocky terrain, and snow.

The company’s team of engineers has played a crucial role in its success. Starship Technologies plans to use the funding to continue improving its technology and streamlining operations, with the aim of building a category-dominating company that can change the daily lives of millions of people worldwide.