Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


Breakthrough Electrochemical Technology


Scientists have developed a groundbreaking treatment using plasma to replace antibiotics and silver-based dressings for chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers. The treatment, utilizing plasma-activated hydrogel dressings, has shown promising results in eradicating bacteria and stimulating the immune system. The team aims to adapt this technology for cancerous tumors and is preparing for clinical trials.

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Worldwide, millions of people live with chronic wounds, including diabetic foot ulcers, which incur significant costs annually. Current treatments with antibiotics and silver dressings present challenges due to resistance and toxicity. Scientists have introduced a novel treatment involving plasma as an ionized gas, which shows potential for treating various chronic wounds and internal infections.

The treatment developed by an international team of scientists focuses on enhancing hydrogel dressings using plasma. Plasma-activated hydrogel therapy (PAHT) has demonstrated effectiveness in eradicating bacteria and supporting healing. The researchers utilized an electrochemical method to infuse hydrogels with reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, making them potent in fighting infections.

Future applications of plasma technology could include treating cancerous tumors by injecting activated drugs into the body to enhance treatment effectiveness. Clinical trials are underway to refine this electrochemical technology for human patients.