Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Extrakt and Bechtel have formed a strategic global alliance to commercialize solid-liquid separation technology known as TNS™.
  • The partnership aims to address long-standing challenges in the energy and mining industries, providing sustainable solutions for mine tailings, dewatering, and product recovery.

Article Summary:

Extrakt Process Solutions and Bechtel Energy Technologies & Solutions announced a new strategic partnership to commercialize the TNS™ solid-liquid separation technology. This partnership combines Extrakt’s innovative technology with Bechtel’s engineering expertise to cater to customers in the Energy and Mining & Metals sectors. TNS™ has been developed to address challenges in mine tailings, dewatering, and product recovery in a sustainable manner.

Bechtel will identify commercial opportunities and provide engineering services, while Extrakt will continue to advance the technology and offer technical support. The TNS™ technology, with over 40 global patents, has undergone significant evolution and offers new options for customers in energy and mining operations. By recovering minerals from waste, this technology helps customers fulfill their sustainability commitments.

The CEOs of both companies expressed excitement about the partnership and the potential for TNS™ to revolutionize solid-liquid separation technology in the industry. The technology is versatile, robust, and aims to deliver cost savings, increased mineral throughput, and reduced environmental impact.

Overall, the alliance between Extrakt and Bechtel represents a significant step towards commercializing innovative solid-liquid separation technology to address industry challenges and promote sustainable practices for future generations.