Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Oklahoma schools and universities are incorporating AI programs to prepare students for a workforce where AI is ubiquitous.
  • AI tools are being used to supplement learning, develop student learning plans, and reduce administrative tasks.

Oklahoma is embracing artificial intelligence (AI) in its education system as state officials urge the incorporation of AI programs in schools and universities to prepare students for a future workforce where AI will be prevalent. The three largest school districts in the state have already begun introducing AI programs, recognizing the need to stay ahead of this emerging technology. The goal is to create a generation that is well-versed in AI and ready to navigate a world where AI is integrated into various aspects of life.

While AI has shown benefits in enhancing learning, there are also concerns about privacy and academic integrity. Programs like ChatGPT have the capability to generate content without students demonstrating their understanding, leading to potential inaccuracies. Schools like Epic Charter School have implemented policies to ensure that AI is used as a supplement to learning rather than doing students’ work for them.

Similarly, higher education institutions in Oklahoma, such as the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, are incorporating AI programs into their curriculum. Faculty members have the discretion to allow or disallow AI use in their classes, with some embracing it for its benefits while others remain cautious, particularly in courses where skill development is crucial.

Legislators are also taking steps to address the ethical implications of AI use. Proposed bills, such as the Artificial Intelligence Bill of Rights and a bill to provide curriculum materials and teacher training about AI, aim to inform and educate the public about interacting with AI-generated content.

Overall, the integration of AI in Oklahoma’s education system signals a proactive approach to preparing students for the increasing presence of AI in various fields and industries.