Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


Working at the right pace is crucial for productivity and mental health. Technology can help optimize your work pace by setting up reminders, using location-based prompts, gamifying your workday, employing calendars, and more. Tech can also assist in sustaining focus, managing interruptions, and encouraging breaks. Alexandra Samuel, a technology researcher, shares tips on using tech to enhance work pacing.

Key Elements:

  • Efficiency is crucial for productivity.
  • Technology can help pace work effectively.

Too often, individuals struggle with inefficiency, burnout, procrastination, or distractions. Using technology tools like reminders, location-based prompts, task-management apps, and Pomodoro timers can help individuals better manage their time and focus. Setting boundaries with the internet, updating systems, creating different desktop views, and embracing appointment television can also help individuals slow down and take breaks when needed.