Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Company develops microscopic solution to massive problem


Key Points:

  • Andes and EcoEngineers have developed a method of removing carbon from the air through microbial carbon mineralization
  • Andes has received $38 million in investments as of March 2023

A climate tech startup called Andes, along with EcoEngineers, has developed a solution to mitigate air pollution through microbial carbon mineralization. The company aims to remove carbon from the air on a gigatonne scale in years, rather than decades. This technology involves replacing nitrogen fertilizers with microorganisms that help convert carbon dioxide into minerals in farming soil. By adding these microorganisms to seeds, they can colonize the root structure of plants and capture carbon from the air, leading to long-term carbon storage without harming plant life.

The company believes that their methodology can pave the way for sustainable carbon dioxide removal and hopes to achieve a 30% reduction in the use of synthetic nitrogen. CEO Gonzalo Fuenzalida emphasizes the importance of collaboration and transparency in advancing our understanding of the science behind carbon removal technologies. Their goal is to capture a significant amount of carbon equivalent to 254 million cars per year.

In conclusion, the development of this microscopic solution offers a promising approach to addressing the massive problem of air pollution and climate change, while also promoting sustainable agricultural practices and carbon removal strategies.