Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • The demand for AI has led to a dramatic increase in infrastructure offerings by cloud providers
  • Gartner predicts that sustainability and digital sovereignty will be top criteria for selecting public cloud services for Gen AI by 2027

The rise in AI technology has significantly impacted the cloud landscape, with businesses increasingly incorporating AI tools like ChatGPT. This surge in demand for AI has pushed cloud providers to expand their infrastructure offerings. According to Gartner, sustainability and digital sovereignty will be crucial factors in the selection of public cloud Gen AI services, with 70% of organizations placing importance on these issues by 2027. Digital sovereignty, or the control over data storage and operations, is a key consideration for enterprises implementing Gen AI in the cloud. Similarly, sustainability is gaining importance in cloud decisions, with organizations focusing on managing IT carbon emissions to achieve environmental sustainability goals. Cloud computing is seen as essential for supporting sustainability and Gen AI applications by providing scalable infrastructure and cost-effective resource management. As the role of AI continues to grow, enterprises are looking to cloud providers to address both technical and non-technical aspects related to sustainability and digital sovereignty.