Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • The Ginkgo Technology Network was launched with over 25 inaugural partners across various capabilities.
  • The network aims to provide customers with integrated R&D solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Ginkgo Bioworks has announced the launch of the Ginkgo Technology Network, a revolutionary ecosystem comprised of over 25 diverse partners spanning AI, genetic medicines, biologics, and manufacturing capabilities. This network aims to integrate these technological capabilities to offer customers more comprehensive end-to-end solutions for successful R&D outcomes in various biological end markets. The feedback from initial customers has been positive, prompting Ginkgo to consider expanding the network by adding new partners over time to enhance the integrated offering and eliminate siloing and switching costs that hinder R&D progress.

With over 15 years of experience in building and integrating horizontal platform technologies, Ginkgo has positioned itself as a systems integrator offering customers a unified R&D experience. By acquiring numerous companies and forming strategic partnerships within the biotechnology ecosystem, Ginkgo is well-equipped to offer customers a robust set of services through an integrated approach. One of the primary focuses of the Technology Network currently is on AI, as companies increasingly seek to leverage generative AI tools for project success.

The Technology Network’s inaugural cohort of partners includes industry leaders in AI, gene delivery systems, biopharmaceuticals, protein design, and more. These partners bring unique capabilities to the network, with a shared goal of driving innovation in R&D programs across various sectors. By leveraging Ginkgo’s automation stack and data capabilities, network partners can collaborate on building robust models that enhance project outcomes and accelerate the pace of discovery.

As a platform company, Ginkgo aims to provide customers with a range of technical approaches by integrating existing capabilities and new technologies through the Technology Network. This approach empowers customers to explore innovative solutions and avoid feeling constrained by traditional R&D methods. The company’s commitment to continuously evolving its platform and investing in customer-driven infrastructure highlights its dedication to making biology more accessible and easier to engineer.

The launch of the Ginkgo Technology Network represents a significant step in advancing integrated R&D solutions by combining the expertise of multiple partners to drive successful outcomes in the biotechnology industry. As the network continues to expand and evolve, customers can expect to access a broader array of cutting-edge technologies and capabilities, all aimed at transforming the landscape of biological engineering and innovation.