Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

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– All Roads Construction is leading the way in using technology to bridge the skills gap in the paving industry.
– President Rod Stephens emphasizes the importance of embracing technology to stay ahead of competitors.

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All Roads Construction, under the leadership of Rod Stephens, is revolutionizing the paving industry by incorporating advanced technology into their operations. The company, founded six years ago, has a strong focus on hiring individuals in the 30 to 50 age group who are comfortable with new technologies. By doing so, they have been able to successfully bid for and complete large contracts, such as the Highway 1 resurfacing project, using innovative road scanning and design technologies.

Stephens believes that the older generation in the industry is edging towards retirement, leaving a skills gap that can only be filled by embracing technology. All Roads Construction is the first in Western Canada to combine technologies such as Smoothride, the wedge notch safety system, and intelligence compaction to enhance productivity and efficiency in roadbuilding.

One of the key innovations introduced by All Roads Construction is echelon paving, where four pavers work in a staggered formation to pave a 62-foot path simultaneously. This, along with technologies like three-dimensional scanning systems and onboard tracking software, has set the company apart in the industry.

Stephens is confident that technology is the future of road construction and that embracing it fully will give All Roads Construction a competitive edge that will be hard for others to catch up with. By focusing on developing a culture of technology within the company, Stephens is not just bridging the skills gap but also setting new standards for efficiency and innovation in the paving industry.