Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Eversource Energy has been upgrading its distribution infrastructure to improve resiliency and reliability in response to customer demands.
  • The company is using automation and smart switches to isolate outages and reroute power to customers in New Hampshire and neighboring states.

In the past decade, Eversource has significantly reduced the duration of power outages, with over half of affected customers seeing their power restored in under five minutes in 2023, compared to just 11% in 2015. The company’s distribution system serves around 723,000 customers in New Hampshire, with a focus on improving system response during storms and other emergencies. Eversource has also implemented a cycle of tree-trimming and upgraded infrastructure to prevent outages caused by fallen trees and branches, the most common cause of power outages in the state.

Overall, the company’s focus on technology and resiliency has allowed them to respond more quickly to outages and improve customer satisfaction. As weather patterns become more severe, Eversource continues to adapt and evolve to meet customer expectations for reliable power.