Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


  • AI technology offers better ways of delivering information to the public according to Broadcasting Dept DG, Datuk Suhaimi Sulaiman.
  • AI can help tailor information to various audience segments and enhance the narrative to cater to different backgrounds.

The broadcasting industry is now focusing on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) technology to deliver information to the public more effectively, as highlighted by Broadcasting Department director-general Datuk Suhaimi Sulaiman. Suhaimi emphasized the importance of moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach and utilizing AI to customize narratives for different audience segments. By analyzing data, AI can provide insights into audience preferences and help create tailored content that enhances understanding.

During the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2024 (DBS 2024), Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) showcased examples of AI technology, including AI-controlled avatars and teleprompters, demonstrating how technology can enhance broadcasting practices. Suhaimi discussed how AI can be used to handle repetitive tasks, allowing humans to focus on tasks requiring higher-level thinking. For example, in the Bintang RTM program, robots are used to announce prizes, freeing up hosts to focus on more engaging content.

While there are concerns about AI replacing human jobs, Suhaimi clarified that AI is primarily used to streamline processes and improve efficiency. The symposium served as a platform for industry players to exchange experiences and insights on the latest technologies impacting broadcasting practices. By embracing AI technology, the broadcasting industry can better engage with its audience and adapt to evolving information needs.