Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Baltimore-based automation platform startup Vigilant Ops Inc. has raised $2 million in seed funding to expand its InSight platform, which provides solutions for the generation, management, and vulnerability monitoring of software bills of materials. The platform simplifies the process for regulated organizations that buy and build software and can automate the generation of SBOMs for devices during the software development lifecycle. The InSight platform also allows users to quickly alert targeted end users about the availability of a patch specific to their deployed device.

Vigilant Ops will use the funding to expand its platform capabilities across critical infrastructure industries, including healthcare, energy, telecom, manufacturing, information technology, financial services, and communications. The company aims to automate the production of SBOMs to provide a system of record for software buyers to manage SBOMs and bolster resiliency through identifying and mitigating component vulnerabilities.

The funding round was led by DataTribe Capital LLC, an early-stage venture fund that focuses on the cybersecurity and data science sectors. Vigilant Ops plans to use the investment to scale its team, meet market demand, and accelerate the development of new features and capabilities for its platform.