Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

SSI Schaefer, a global leader in intralogistics and automated warehouses, is sharing best practices and key considerations on how logistics and operations managers can optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness of cold storage warehouses. Cold storage warehouse managers are facing the need to efficiently and effectively store, pick, retrieve, pack, and ship perishable and sensitive goods, which require special handling, monitoring, and carefully tuned environmental conditions. They also face the challenge of balancing surging demand for cold-stored goods with the increasing need to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. To optimize temperature-controlled infrastructure, careful planning is essential. Factors to consider include optimizing air circulation and product storage density, using semi-automated solutions for cold storage space optimization, and implementing future-ready automation systems. Centralized monitoring and control software is also important for managing the complexities of refrigerated facilities. SSI Schaefer offers a range of solutions for cold storage warehouses, including automated storage and retrieval systems, shuttle systems, and central control platforms.