Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


Key Points:

  • Teresa Duran, Chief Information Officer at Make-A-Wish America, brings a humble approach to transformative leadership in the technology sector.
  • She has a rich background in chemistry and technology, driving significant organizational changes.

In a recent article published in Technology Magazine, Teresa Duran, the Chief Information Officer at Make-A-Wish America, is highlighted for her unique leadership style and transformative impact on the non-profit organization. With a background in biochemistry and technology, Duran has guided Make-A-Wish America through its largest business transformation in over four decades. She oversees various technology services and has implemented innovative approaches to revamp traditional business models and operational strategies.

During her tenure at Make-A-Wish America, Duran faced significant challenges, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, requiring agile methodologies and extensive training and communication strategies. Known for her visionary thinking and pragmatic execution, Duran emphasizes the importance of integrating technology into company strategies and creating high-performing teams. She draws inspiration from her personal life, focusing on continuous learning and growth.

Duran’s leadership at Make-A-Wish America exemplifies innovation, strategic foresight, and personal growth. Her story serves as a powerful example for aspiring leaders in the technology sector, illustrating how diverse experiences and continuous learning can lead to remarkable achievements and meaningful impact.