Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Reliable Robotics, a specialist in aircraft automation systems, has successfully flown a Cessna 208B Caravan with no one on board. The remote pilot supervised the uncrewed aircraft from Reliable’s control center 50 miles away. The autonomous flight system developed by Reliable Robotics allows the aircraft to be remotely operated and fully automated during all phases of operation. The system is designed to improve safety by preventing controlled flight into terrain and loss of control in flight. The successful flight of the uncrewed Cessna Caravan represents a milestone for the aviation industry and brings advanced technology to aviation. Reliable Robotics has been collaborating with Textron Aviation, the manufacturer of the Caravan, to bring advanced automation to its operations. ASL Aviation Holdings, a global aviation services company, has also been working with Reliable Robotics to explore bringing advanced automation into its operations. The US Air Force is also working with Reliable Robotics to examine how the technology can be applied to large multi-engine aircraft for cargo logistics and other missions. The FAA has accepted the certification plan for Reliable’s autonomous flight system, and the company is well-positioned to deliver safety-enhancing aircraft automation systems.