Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Leonardo DRS has selected Quantum Imaging’s ‘MIRA’ SWIR camera for its development of the U.S. Army’s Joint Effects Targeting System II (JETS II) project.
  • The SWIR camera will support recon efforts and help acquire specific locations of targets.

Leonardo DRS, a defense technology company, has chosen Quantum Imaging’s ‘MIRA’ shortwave infrared (SWIR) camera for its development of the U.S. Army’s Joint Effects Targeting System II (JETS II) project. The JETS II project aims to enhance the Army’s targeting capabilities by enabling recon and acquiring specific locations of targets.

The MIRA SWIR camera offered by Quantum Imaging will play a vital role in supporting these efforts. SWIR cameras are known for their ability to capture images in low light conditions and through fog, smoke, and haze. This makes them particularly useful for military applications where visibility can be compromised.

Quantum Imaging’s SWIR camera utilizes high-sensitivity InGaAs sensor technology, enabling it to capture images with high resolution and sensitivity in the SWIR wavelength range. The camera’s small form factor and low power consumption make it suitable for integration into portable and lightweight military systems.

By incorporating the MIRA SWIR camera into the JETS II targeting technology, Leonardo DRS aims to improve target detection, recognition, and identification. The camera will enhance the ability of soldiers to locate and track targets, even in challenging environmental conditions.

The selection of the MIRA SWIR camera for the JETS II project underscores the importance of advanced imaging technology in modern military operations. With its ability to provide clear and detailed images in adverse conditions, SWIR camera technology can significantly enhance situational awareness and mission success.

Leonardo DRS has a long history of providing defense technology solutions to the U.S. Army and other branches of the military. The company specializes in developing advanced sensors, integrated systems, and other technologies to support military operations.

The JETS II project represents an important advancement in the Army’s targeting capabilities. By leveraging SWIR camera technology, soldiers will have access to improved recon and targeting capabilities, allowing them to operate effectively in a wide range of environments.

Overall, the integration of Quantum Imaging’s MIRA SWIR camera into the JETS II targeting technology demonstrates the importance of advanced imaging solutions in military applications. With the ability to capture high-resolution images in challenging conditions, SWIR cameras are poised to play a vital role in modern warfare.