Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Molecular Assemblies, a company specializing in enzymatic DNA synthesis, has announced the addition of two industry leaders to its Commercial-Technology Advisory Board (CTAB). The board includes experts in the commercialization of nucleic acid technologies and innovative life science product solutions. The new appointees are David Smoller, a serial entrepreneur and General Partner at Cultivation Capital Life Sciences, and Stephen Turner, the founder of PacBio. Molecular Assemblies uses its Fully Enzymatic Synthesis (FES) technology to produce long, accurate DNA strands for use in therapeutics, diagnostics, agriculture, and industrial materials. The CTAB will provide strategic guidance on the company’s commercialization strategies.

The CTAB aims to identify emerging opportunities and trends in the life sciences industry that can be solved with Molecular Assemblies’ products. The new members will help the company to leverage its DNA synthesis technology to achieve commercial success. The FES technology is designed to create long, high-quality DNA with complex sequences, reducing the need for post-synthesis purification. It is being used in research areas such as CRISPR gene editing, protein engineering, and next-generation sequencing.

Todd C. Peterson, Chair of the CTAB, stated that Molecular Assemblies is accelerating the life science industry by providing long, pure, and accurate oligonucleotides, addressing a significant bottleneck in research and development. The company’s enzymatic DNA synthesis technology aims to overcome traditional limitations in DNA synthesis, enabling the creation of novel DNA-based products.

Molecular Assemblies is a private life sciences company based in San Diego. The company’s FES technology is powering the next generation of DNA-based products and is being applied to various industries, including industrial synthetic biology, precision medicine, and DNA data storage. The company’s Fully Enzymatic Synthesis technique is cost-effective and sustainable, and enables the production of long DNA sequences with complex structures.