Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Julian Sachs ’89, an alum of Williams College, is working to combat climate change with Banyu Carbon technology. Sachs and his co-founder, Alex Gagnon, have patented a technology called Banyu Carbon that uses sunlight and seawater to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The technology was created after Sachs researched ocean acidification at the University of Washington and wondered how he could use carbon dioxide removal techniques to mitigate global warming. Banyu Carbon has gained traction, receiving funding from foundations and attracting buyers such as Stripe, Shopify, and H&M. The company has also built a working prototype and recently signed its first customer. Despite the success, Sachs admits that managing the company has been challenging, as neither he nor Gagnon have business management experience. Sachs advises students who are passionate about climate change to remain optimistic and hopeful, emphasizing that humans have the ability to find solutions to environmental problems. He also encourages a cooperative approach to nature, viewing humans as part of the natural world rather than separate from it.