Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Fulongma, an environmental sanitation solution provider, has launched the world’s first skateboard-based sweeper robot equipped with JIECANG intelligent electric linear actuator products. The sweeper robot can operate fully automatically and provides efficient and intelligent cleaning services for urban parks, roads, and commercial complexes. It addresses the challenges faced by the environmental sanitation industry, such as aging cleaning workers and difficulty in recruiting workers.

Innovative sanitation equipment, such as the JIECANG intelligent electric linear actuators, can replace hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in mechanical control, improving controllability, reducing installation volume, and eliminating maintenance. The Fulongma sweeper robot is equipped with JIECANG industrial linear actuators to realize automatic garbage dumping and precision control of the sweeping plate. These actuators improve the efficiency and convenience of urban cleaning, and their reliability and durability ensure the long-term stable operation of the sweeper.

The use of JIECANG linear actuators in the sweeper robot brings several advantages, including reduced design, installation, and operating costs, improved safety and productivity, and exclusive customized service. The collaboration between Fulongma and JIECANG demonstrates the potential of intelligent environmental sanitation equipment, which will continue to advance in terms of efficiency, eco-friendliness, and safety.