Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Analog Devices (ADI) has partnered with Honeywell to explore the use of single pair ethernet (SPE) technology in building automation systems. The strategic alliance aims to accelerate the digitization of commercial buildings by upgrading to digital connectivity technologies without replacing existing wiring. ADI’s single-pair Ethernet (T1L) and software configurable input/output (SWIO) solutions will be adopted by Honeywell in its building management systems, enabling long-reach Ethernet connectivity and the reuse of existing wiring. This will help reduce costs, waste, and downtime, while also improving energy efficiency and network performance. The collaboration between ADI and Honeywell highlights the growing importance of SPE technology in the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sector, where it has gained popularity in recent years. This alliance will bring SPE technology to building management systems for the first time, offering enhanced connectivity from the edge to the cloud and helping eliminate data islands. Furthermore, the use of SPE devices will simplify product complexities for Honeywell, allowing for future-proofed control and automation, reducing inventory needs, and enabling easier and more affordable changes.