Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


Key Points:

  • Deepfake audio of President Joe Biden used to mislead voters during recent New Hampshire Primary
  • Federal Communication Commission banned unsolicited AI robocalls

GSU Professor Urges Quick Action to Outlaw Deepfake Technology

Georgia State University professor and generative AI expert Arun Rai highlighted the dangers of deepfake technology and its potential impact on the upcoming election. Deepfake technology manipulates images, audio clips, and videos, leading to misinformation and potential voter manipulation.

Rai discussed the use of AI to spread misinformation and suggested the urgent need to combat these activities. Georgia lawmakers are currently considering a bill to make deepfake solicitation illegal during election cycles, following instances of deepfake technology being used to deceive voters.

As the issue of deepfakes continues to pose a threat to the integrity of elections and information dissemination, Rai advocates for quick action to outlaw the technology to prevent further misuse and potential harm.