Tue. Jun 25th, 2024


  • Altair Engineering Inc. (ALTR): The company is known as an AI leader that continues to show growth and future potential.
  • Super Micro Computer, Inc. (SMCI): Its continued support of AI-optimized products suggests it will grow with AI’s increasing adoption.
  • Baidu Inc. (BIDU): Its solid domestic presence in China and consistent innovations in AI offer investors even greater growth opportunities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) stocks are still offering long-term growth opportunities in 2024. Three AI stocks that investors should consider buying are Altair Engineering, Super Micro Computer, and Baidu Inc. Altair Engineering is a global leader in AI and computational science, known for its revolutionizing cloud solutions and HPC. The company’s latest financial report demonstrated strong YoY growth. Super Micro Computer, although not a direct AI play, is a primary beneficiary of the AI boom and offers complete IT solutions for cloud computing and AI. The company has announced its support for the new NVIDIA HGX H200, which is optimized for AI. Baidu Inc., known for its Chinese language internet search engine, has been investing heavily in AI and recently released ERNIE 4.0, showcasing the company’s commitment to AI advancements. Its latest financials indicated revenue growth and increased rides on its Apollo Go service. Despite the past year’s performance, Baidu is considered one of the best AI stocks to buy. Investors looking for long-term growth in the AI sector should consider adding these three stocks to their portfolios.