Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

TLDR: Fortnite is currently filled with racist AI-generated art, with many user-made maps and modes featuring crude and racist depictions of people. Thousands of players are engaging with this content, and Epic Games seems unaware or unwilling to remove it. Fortnite has evolved into a platform that allows players to create and distribute their own content, but this has led to an influx of copycats and clones looking to profit from the game’s popularity. The trend of using AI-generated images of racist caricatures has become widespread, with hundreds of user-created maps featuring offensive content. Players have criticized Epic Games for its lack of moderation, and some speculate that the company may be allowing this content to remain in order to attract more players and generate more revenue. Epic Games has responded to these concerns, stating that discriminatory content violates their guidelines and will result in enforcement actions. However, it remains unclear whether the AI-generated art in Fortnite was created using stolen data. Regardless, the presence of offensive and racist content on the platform is concerning.