Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Logic Integration Elevates Automation Experience in Mile-High City

Coined Denver’s “downtown playground,” McGregor Square represents the next generation of urban living. Combined in the lower downtown district adjacent to Coors Field are a city block’s worth of retail shops, restaurants, an expansive food plaza, and modern offices, capped off by a 13-story complex of 103 luxury residences. The pinnacle of this high-end residential complex is a penthouse teeming with technology tailored to the discerning tastes of its owners, integrated by systems integration firm Logic Integration. “The owners are quite tech-savvy, so having a complete automation system to simplify their routines and enhance the home’s comfortable, modern design was a top priority,” said Dan Jenovai, lead technician at Logic Integration.

After several consultations with their clients, along with coordination with the building contractor and interior designer, Logic Integration had all the data they needed to select the right AV equipment, networking components, motorized TV lifts, and more from Snap One. Products outside of the Snap One family were woven into the tech package, too, and with Logic Integration’s expertise all would interoperate as one unified system under the aegis of a Control4 automation platform. Integrator- and user-friendly, highly customizable and versatile, and with a wide selection of user interfaces, the Control4 platform had everything required of this large-scale remodel.

One of the most prominent and visually stunning features of the penthouse is its long stretch of floor-to-ceiling windows. Sunlight and scenery enhance the living spaces, yet shading was necessary to minimize heat gain, glare, and exposure. Motorized roller shades combine with a panelized Control4 lighting system to achieve optimal efficiency, elegance, and comfort. Instead of adjusting numerous individual light fixtures and shades to achieve their desired look and feel, the owners need only press one button on a Control4 touch panel, keypad, or app on their smartphones.

While they’re at it, they can tap another button to instruct a motorized TV mount to retract from the ceiling, bringing an ample-size display into prime position. The audio and video equipment simultaneously activate. In seconds the living room has transformed into a mini theater — minus visible speakers and set-top boxes. Logic Integration employed a Control4 media over IP (MoIP) system to distribute high-res audio and video to this hideaway display and complementary flush-mounted Triad surround sound speakers. Video travels from AV equipment stowed in a crawlspace over dedicated cabling to displays elsewhere throughout the penthouse. Just a quick tap of a button cues up the appropriate components and using a Control4 remote or even smartphone app, the family can select a show and adjust the volume without ever leaving the couch.

“The fact that residents can now control their shades, video, and audio systems via a single touch panel, Control4 remote, or even an app, allows them enormous flexibility and control, which is something we’re proud to offer our customers,” Jenovai said. Control4-controlled music also travels, this time by an integrated wireless Sonos audio system. To optimize audio and video delivery, Logic Integration went with an enterprise-grade Access Networks Wi-Fi network.

“This is a huge accomplishment in an environment where neighboring units, concrete and steel building materials, and huge windows can cause signal interference,” said Dylan Cassagnol, executive administrator at Logic Integration. “The technology behind the Access Networks Wi-Fi solutions overcomes these challenges by mitigating buffering and latency, not to mention enabling quick connectivity and signal transmission within the Control4 ecosystem of products.”

The Wi-Fi performance and manner of control may be consistent throughout the residence, but the sequences and outcomes vary widely based on location. For example, lighting scenes for the kitchen follow routines and tasks while scenes for the living room focus on comfort, entertainment, and aesthetics. “That’s the beauty of the Control4 Composer software,” Cassagnol said. “It’s so easy to program, we were able to dial it in and provide a deep level of customization. Every command, every label on a keypad, was properly configured and created with intention and purpose, which delivered the owners an experience like no other.”