Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Government IT operations face data breach challenges due to inadequate staffing.
  • Cities and counties are expanding their technology teams to meet cyber-threats.

Government IT operations are vulnerable, with over a third of IT leaders in state and local governments citing data breaches as a major challenge. Dean Johnson from Ensono emphasizes the need for cybersecurity experts in local government workforces. Recruiting and retaining qualified IT staff remains a challenge due to lower salaries and inadequate training programs. Johnson recommends developing hybrid workforces by leveraging public-private partnerships with managed service providers like Ensono.

Technology procurement in local governments requires a variety of skills, including CIOs, ERP specialists, AI experts, and more. Johnson suggests that governments assess their current workforce and train employees on business analytics and program management. Cooperative purchasing agreements can help cities and counties secure necessary IT support services more effectively.

In conclusion, Johnson emphasizes the importance of a skilled and motivated IT workforce in local government to address evolving cyber-threats and technology needs.