Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

TLDR: California restaurant incorporates kitchen robots and AI

In the heart of Pasadena, California, a restaurant called CaliExpress is utilizing kitchen robots and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency and reduce the need for manual labor. The burger joint employs a grill robot from Cucina and “Flippy,” a robot from Miso Robotics that can handle frying. Flippy can make 250 pounds of French fries an hour, while the grill robot can cook about 100 patties in the same timeframe. The use of automation helps solve staffing issues and increases productivity, as the robots do not require breaks or time off. CaliExpress also uses facial recognition software for their ordering system, powered by AI and run by Pop ID, which analyzes and keeps track of customers’ food choices and payments. Although the technology reduces the number of job opportunities, it also creates new positions for managing and maintaining the robots. In an industry that frequently faces understaffing, robotics can handle up to 82% of restaurant jobs, as supported by a recent study. The robot chefs at CaliExpress are rented and monitored 24/7 by technicians who can manually take over cooking if something goes wrong during meal times.

Key Points:

  • CaliExpress, a restaurant in Pasadena, California, incorporates kitchen robots and AI for improved efficiency and reduction in manual labor.
  • The burger joint uses a grill robot and “Flippy,” a robot that can handle frying, both capable of making large amounts of food.
  • The restaurant uses facial recognition software and AI for their ordering system, reducing staffing needs and increasing productivity.
  • Studies suggest that up to 82% of restaurant jobs can be handled by robotics.
  • The robots at CaliExpress are rented and monitored 24/7 by technicians, who can take over cooking manually if necessary.