Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

BlueHalo and Eqlipse Merger Summary


– BlueHalo and Eqlipse merge to create a defense technology powerhouse
– The merger combines advanced defense technology and unique product offerings to drive innovation in the sector

BlueHalo and Eqlipse merge to form new defense technology powerhouse

BlueHalo and Eqlipse have merged to establish a leading defense technology entity focused on delivering cutting-edge solutions to the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. The strategic acquisition aims to accelerate the development and deployment of groundbreaking defense solutions by leveraging BlueHalo’s expertise and Eqlipse’s technical capabilities.

The merger will enhance BlueHalo’s leadership in the industry, particularly in cyber and signals intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and research and development. The companies bring together a wealth of expertise and a portfolio of solutions spanning various defense domains, including cyber engineering, EW, and identity management. This strategic move aligns with the Department of Defense’s priorities and signifies a commitment to advancing defense technology.

The new entity will maintain its headquarters in Arlington, VA, and continue to invest in innovative technologies critical to national defense. The merger is expected to drive technological development for defense and intelligence applications, setting a new standard for innovation in the sector. Both BlueHalo and Eqlipse are part of Arlington Capital Partners’ portfolio, reinforcing the investment firm’s focus on government-regulated sectors.