Sun. Apr 14th, 2024


  • Solidion Technology is using silicon to ease EV drivers’ range anxiety.
  • They are manufacturing silicon oxide and silicon to extend EV range.

In Dallas, Solidion Technology, a newly public company, is addressing the issue of range anxiety in electric vehicle (EV) drivers. They recently went public on Nasdaq and are manufacturing silicon oxide and silicon to improve battery technology. By using silicon anodes, Solidion aims to extend the energy density of lithium-ion batteries and increase the range of EVs by 20% to 40%. While graphite has been the preferred anode material for the past 30 years, Solidion is overcoming technical challenges to make silicon anodes the key enabler for next-generation EV batteries.

The team at Solidion is working on expanding production capacity for silicon oxide and silicon anodes to meet the growing demand from top-tier OEMs in the EV industry. The company believes that their advanced anode materials will drive significant improvements in lithium-ion batteries and help lower costs while providing higher energy density. Solidion’s goal is to become a leading North American supplier of battery anode materials, positioning themselves as a key player in the transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

With a focus on developing next-generation batteries for various modes of transportation, including ground, air, and sea vehicles, Solidion is at the forefront of battery technology innovation. Their Si-anode technology has been recognized for meeting the performance and cost reduction criteria required for EV applications, making them a critical player in the evolution of EV battery technology.