Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

In an effort to advance its MQ-28A Ghost Bat autonomous drone program, the Australian government has pledged an additional 399 million Australian dollars (around $260 million). The investment will go towards the development of the Block 2 variant of the MQ-28A Ghost Bat, which will be equipped with the latest in sensor technology, combat systems, and mission payloads. This investment signals Australia’s commitment to unmanned systems as the future of warfare, and aims to ensure that the Royal Australian Air Force remains at the forefront of military technology. The investment is also expected to create over 350 jobs and involve more than 200 suppliers, boosting the Australian economy.

The Block 2 variant of the MQ-28A Ghost Bat will enhance the operational flexibility of manned fighters by extending their reach and capabilities. The drone will be capable of carrying out reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and decoy operations, and will also be armed with weapons for aerial combat. The Ghost Bat project is a collaborative effort between the Australian government and Boeing, and is a testament to Australian innovation and defense technology prowess. The project highlights Australia’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of military technology and showcases the country’s capabilities on the global defense stage.

This latest investment builds on a previous investment of 600 million Australian dollars ($390 million) for 10 MQ-28A Ghost Bats. The Australian government’s funding of the Ghost Bat program demonstrates its strategic focus on the future of warfare and its commitment to maintaining a strong defense industry. With this investment, Australia aims to lead in military technology, create jobs, and showcase its innovation to the world.