Wed. Jul 24th, 2024


  • AI insiders in the e/acc movement are pushing for faster development of AI technology
  • E/acc believes in accelerating AI progress for the survival and evolution of the human species

The article discusses the e/acc movement led by figures like Beff Jezos and Connor Leahy, who are advocating for fast-paced AI development. The movement, which includes industry insiders, is pitted against AI safety advocates who argue for caution. E/acc aims for Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and believes that AI progress is essential for human survival. The conflict between the e/acc movement and AI safety advocates has significant implications for the future of technology and humanity. The article delves into the ideologies, goals, and controversies surrounding the e/acc movement, highlighting the debates and concerns raised by both sides. It also explores the impact of e/acc’s influence in Silicon Valley, shedding light on the potential risks and benefits associated with accelerated AI development. Through interviews with key figures like Guillaume Verdon and Haodong Mo, the article provides insight into the complex and nuanced perspectives within the e/acc movement and the broader implications of their ideology on society.