Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

– AI and automation tools are saving sales professionals over two hours of work each day.
– Sales teams are benefiting from these tools by automating tasks such as meeting scheduling, note-taking, outreach creation, and data entry.

A new study conducted by software company HubSpot has revealed that AI and automation tools are saving sales professionals over two hours of work each day. The study surveyed 648 sales professionals and 303 business leaders in the US on their usage of AI and automation tools. According to the results, sales teams are saving two hours and 15 minutes each day by utilizing AI tools to automate manual tasks.

One of the key areas where sales professionals reported significant time savings is in new representative onboarding and coaching. About 80% of sales professionals stated that AI and automation tools help them spend less time on manual tasks like data entry and scheduling meetings.

The study also highlighted the popularity of generative AI platforms like ChatGPT and Jasper.ai. These platforms have extensive sales applications, particularly in content creation and outreach for prospecting. Many sales teams are using generative AI to re-purpose messages to prospects, write messages to prospects, and seek ideas and inspiration for prospect outreach messages.

However, it is worth noting that while generative AI is widely used, nine out of ten sales professionals still make edits to the AI-generated text. The study emphasized that AI is not replacing salespeople but instead taking care of the most repetitive aspects of their work.

Overall, the study indicates that AI and automation tools have become essential for sales teams, significantly improving productivity and efficiency. By automating manual tasks, sales professionals can focus on more strategic and high-value activities, leading to better customer relationships and increased sales success.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, embracing AI and automation is crucial for sales teams to stay ahead and meet the ever-evolving demands of customers. As technology continues to advance, it is expected that AI tools will become even more sophisticated, providing even greater time savings for sales professionals.

In conclusion, the study highlights the transformative impact of AI and automation tools on sales teams. These tools not only save time and improve efficiency but also enable sales professionals to focus on building relationships and closing deals. As the use of AI becomes more prevalent, sales teams that embrace these technologies will have a competitive edge in the marketplace.