Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Technology Tips for Your Next Trip

TLDR: Key Points

  • Make a “just in case” folder with important documents
  • Set your email to out-of-office mode
  • Avoid juice jacking and be cautious with public charging stations

In her article, Kim Komando shares three essential technology tips for travelers. She begins by emphasizing the importance of having all necessary apps for travel, as well as creating a backup of important documents in a “just in case” folder. This folder should include scans of your driver’s license, passport, TSA or Global ID, and health insurance card, saved as a PDF for offline access. Komando also suggests using the out-of-office reply feature for emails to avoid distractions while on vacation, providing a simple template for the message.

Another crucial tip she offers is to be cautious of public charging stations to avoid falling victim to juice jacking, a method used by hackers to install malware on devices. Komando recommends using a charger and power bank, or a safe USB connection with a charge-only cable. Lastly, she encourages listeners to stay updated on tech news through her podcast “Kim Komando Today,” which covers various topics related to technology and provides helpful tips for users.

Overall, Komando’s tips focus on preparing for potential emergencies, protecting personal data, and staying informed about technological advancements while traveling.